How this came to be...

In brief: I have set up this website and competition in order to persuade people to write an essay proving that Junior is the best film ever. The deadline for this competition is the 9th of May 2008. The competition is open to all, the essay can be of almost any length, and may be written in any way, using any kind of source or reference.

There is a cash prize of £300 ($600) for the outright winner of the competition, and to encourage a diversity of responses there are six further prizes of £50 ($100) for essays which fall into six named categories.

For full details on entering the competition, click the 'Write' button on the left.


In more detail: In May 2007 I commissioned an essay from a supplier of tailor-made academic essays. I requested a 1500 word essay that was to "prove that Junior... is the best film ever made." This essay was to make reference to various writers including Freud, Barthes, Baudrillard and Jameson in proving it's case. The finished essay was intended to be an artwork, an anonymous essay making reference to some of the most important thinkers of our age, all in order to prove that the casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pregnant male scientist was one of the most intelligent and culturally important events of the century. But don't assume this was all just to poke fun at academics and criticism, I believed the essay would be symptomatic of something much deeper than ridicule, and would be a positive and liberating monument to free thinking. But I would probably need to commission another essay to work out why.

After receiving the first draft of the essay I began to realise that this was not the way to come about the essay. Through a number of re-drafts, with a lot of input and negotiation, I managed to end up with an essay that went some way to proving what I had initially wanted. This final draft is available to download, click the link at the bottom of this page. By this point I had however realised that I wanted to read more and have less to do with the content of the essay.

So, I built this website to seek out the person who can write it for me. I am offering a total prize fund of £600 ($1200) for the best essays that prove Junior to be the best film ever made. This may well rise as the competition progresses, and any contributions to the prize fund are much appreciated (please use the 'donate' link on the main page.)

Interested in entering? For full details, go back to the main page and click on the 'writers' link on the left. For the original essay brief and the finished commissioned essay, please use the links below.


Hopes for the competition: Ideally, over the course of this competition the number of people both entering as writers and donating to the prize fund will snowball, so that by the deadline there is a large number of completely different high-quality essays all proving that Junior is the best film ever made. A winner will be picked, and given the inflated prize fund. A further ten or so essays would also be given prizes, and then hopefully published together as a book. Failing this, they will all be published on this website.



Not sure what Junior is? Click here for the IMDB page for the film

Original essay brief

Completed essay

Completed essay with appendix of correspondence with the essay writing company.


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